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Stephen Thompson Wants Interim Title Fight with Robbie Lawler.

📁 News 🕔12.oktober 2017
Stephen Thompson Wants Interim Title Fight with Robbie Lawler.


Thomson took the time to go on Submission Radio and during the interview, he stated that he is looking for an interim title fight with former UFC welterweight champion Robbie Lawler.

“I haven’t really talked to anybody about that with the UFC,” Thompson said, when asked about a potential third title shot with a win over Masvidal (transcript courtesy of Bloody Elbow). “The only thing that I know is that I’m facing off against Jorge Masvidal. But, what I believe I have to do come November 4th is – to be able to stay for that title contention, to be able to fight for the title – is put on a good show and put out a good W, an exciting W come November 4th against Jorge Masvidal.

“We’ve been kind of going back and forth with me and Robbie Lawler. I was ranked number one, then he’s number one, then we’re both number one. So hopefully a good win over this… You know, I understand Tyron is out for a little while, so hopefully, we’ll be able to fight against Robbie Lawler, maybe for an interim welterweight title against him for that belt. There’s also word RDA will want him to fight for the title too, so I really don’t know. I gotta go out there and face Jorge first and see what happens there before I can think about really what’s going on next. But it is in the back of mind.”

“Well, I don’t want to put anything out there,” Thompson responded, to questions about holes in Masvidal’s striking game. “He’s probably got guys listening to this podcast (laughs) and stuff. But, he’s a great Muay Thai stylist and his clinch work is one of the best. I mean, he’s one of the guys that goes out there and he just brings it, man. And he defeats a lot of these guys because he’s a very tough opponent and he just outworks them. You know, his cardio, he’s got cardio for days. He’s been a 155’er, so he’s not really big at 170, but he’s got cardio for days and breaks a lot of these guys because of that.”

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